How to Use

How to Use B1-Router

Once you have connected the power supply and optionally the ethernet cable, you should connect any device to it through its WiFi network.

You can connect any computer, tablet or smart phone to the WiFi network “B1-Router” using the default password: 12345678 (or 1234567890)

Step 1: Open the browser and type-in: http://b1 (and press Enter)
The following page will be shown. In this example, we tried connecting an iPhone to B1-Router so the below screenshots are from an iPhone.
Step 2: Change the password, keep a password of your choice. Please use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special signs like ([{,.:;).

Use the new password to login to the administrator panel.

After you login, you will see the main admin panel, every option is well described:

Step 3: Change the WiFi Password. (Using uppercase and lowercase letter and numbers, long almost 10 chars):

Step 4: If you have not connected the ethernet cable, connect the WiFi uplink as shown in below screenshots:

Step 5: Select the “Connection Mode” to VPN to keep your traffic always encrypted and protected.

Step 6: Select the country you want to be connected to or leave it to B1 to find a faster VPN node.